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All Bike Spares - ABS & sister Co. All Bike Engineering - ABE

All Bike Spares and later All Bike Engineering our subsidiary company were Established in 1981. We starting as a bike spares shop it soon diversified into manufacturing. Manufacturing motorcycles brake discs and fork tubes.

Motorcycle discs, shock and tubes, brake pads

Our Services:

  • Production of discs, tubes and shocks
  • Sale of DP brake pads
  • New TM & Lexmoto and used bikes
  • 24/7 motorcycle recovery
  • ABE manufacture fork tubes and brake discs for most common bikes in the UK
    We also manufacture custom tubes and discs to your requirements.

    We also reburbish, rechrome fork tubes and undertake suspension rebuilds.

    Need a bike recoverd? 24/7 recovery Service. Minimum charge is £50.

    CNC Lathe Falcon 1 200

    Cincinati. Acramatic 2100 Controller used to manufacture all our fork stanchions, shock rods, seal blocks, steere stems, bushes and anything else tubular we require.

    DP brakes

    CNC Lathe Falcon 2 200

    This machine has a bespoke set up, set up by us it is used to machine all our own made steel brake centres, pressed steel classic brake discs and our ally bespoke billet brake centres.

    control panel

    Colchester Lathe

    The good old Colchester Lathe used on a daily basis. The Colchester name has been trusted in the industry for over 100 years. The precision and quality we gain using it is amasing!


    XYZ MINI MILL 560 1

    We use this for milling our ally & steel brake centres also any drilling required.

    DP brakes

    XYZ MINI MILL 560 2

    We use this for milling our ally & steel brake centres also any drilling required.


    FUNIC Control

    We use this for milling our ally & steel brake centres also any drilling required.

    control panel

    Meet The Team

    ABE marketing

    Russell Bartlett

    Marketing, Founder

    Original business owner, now mainly retired but still involved with programming ideas. Rode mx enduro and road bikes, pictured on his R90s.

    ABE finance

    Richard Bartlett

    Finance, Founder

    Advised with business strategy. Secured funding and assets. Always said yes and helped with our postal services, pictured in Tanzania.

    ABE Sales

    Nicholas Bartlett


    Ex mod and government, business owner and mainly involved in the sales of our products. Rides green laners and travelled widely on two wheels, pictured with son Dan at mx.

    ABE Production

    Simon Fletcher


    Originally started as a Saturday boy left to be trained by the Mod to make things that go bang and returned to us many moons ago and now the business owner. Started in mx and rides bmx.